Expansion through Yoga

R2,000.00 R1,000.00 Inc. Vat

Join me on a journey of self-discovery where you will learn how to understand the root cause of some of your projections and emotions. You can learn how to work through these blocks whilst sitting in the emotion and observing in a mindful way so that you can be present and better understand those things that may come up.


I have a unique outlook having navigated the corporate world and leading people in this environment, therefore understanding the challenges in balancing these two worlds. Teaching yoga helped me find that balance and understanding which I can now pass on to those who face the same challenges.

  • We look at this course through the Japanese art of Kintsukuroi where pottery is repaired with gold or silver, communicating that the piece of pottery is more beautiful for having been broken, building positive energy for the idea of healing.
  • We hold a safe space for those to learn and practise yoga and find the healing and balance one needs to prevent burn out and anxiety. We work through modules of Kundaleni yoga whereby we explore your chakras, where your energy is blocked and how to overcome negative emotions such as fear, anger, being overwhelmed, sadness and much more.
  • We will work with your bodies natural energies and the life giving force of prana (breathe), meditation, mudra’s (hand positions) and kriyas (exercise sequences) to enable you to heal and grow to reach your full Expansion!


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