Virtual Team Building: Inspiring Our Team For The Win

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This half day journey is designed to reboot objectives and freshen up your team vision. We take an integrated approach that looks at personal life objectives, as well as our work related goals. This builds excitement and connection as we learn more about each other, and refine the connection between what excites us and our work. By working on our goals and objectives together, we gain a deeper understanding of how we can support each other.

This journey is very usefully done prior to your organisations annual performance management process. It is designed to inject energy into the objective setting stage, which can otherwise be taxing and flat.

Note: Price is per participant, with a minimum of 10 participants.

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Winning Teams share some common traits. They all have cultures of open communication, allow for team members to have different perspectives and are made up of diverse groups. This journey builds towards a team identity and self-vision that aligns to organisational value while at the same time driving greater performance.

Team members are encouraged to move from a self-centric to a team-centric view, giving consideration to the whole team, relations with management and dealing more effectively with clients.

Plotting the journey:

  • Session 1: Improve communication skills
  • Session 2: Understand the importance of relying on each other’s strengths
  • Session 3: Appreciate your team’s unique identity
  • Session 4: Fast-track personal growth through the development of a growth plan
  • Session 5: Realign thinking to finding solutions, not just problems

Journey Outcomes:

  • Listening: Understanding the importance of active listening
  • Aligning: Realigning roles according to individual strengths
  • Connecting: Gaining appreciation for our interconnectedness
  • Growth: High-level personal growth plan development
  • Solutions: Solution Driven Thinking

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Real World (unavailable), Virtual

Session Length

Full Day, Half Day


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