Course: Instilling a coaching mindset whilst leading your virtual team

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This practical, fully automated course will guide you and your virtual team through the strategies, tools, and techniques you need to keep the team working together from anywhere. Understand how to lead with a coaching mindset to empower and enable your team to stay healthy, productive and high performing.


 In this online course, we unpack an integrated coaching mindset by comparing its components to an icon of Africa – the majestic baobab tree.

On completion of this course, you will have:

  • A holistic and structured way of looking at your virtual team and how to start addressing the challenges of leading a virtual team
  • An appreciation of, how important it is to understand how to tap into what your remote workers think, feel, and believe, and what motivates them to excel in this rapidly changing work environment
  • An improved awareness of what observable qualities your remote workers bring into the ‘room’ as a gauge of their well-being
  • Knowledge on how to drive a sense of team when some, or all your team, works remotely
  • A guideline of what organisational artefacts need to be in place to enable your virtual team
  • A sense of confidence that you have been equipped to commence, or continue, instilling a coaching mindset whilst leading your virtual team

Course curriculum

  • Module 1: Welcome to Juno
  • Module 2: Welcome!
    An Introduction to instilling a coaching mindset whilst leading your virtual team
  • Module 3: Why now?
    A look at the two key trends that have influenced this course
  • Module 4: The Opportunity
    An introduction to the baobab analogy
  • Module 5: The Root Structure
    The internal thoughts, feelings, and beliefs of your remote workers
  • Module 6: The Tree Itself
    How your remote workers ‘show up’ in the work environment
  • Module 7: The ‘Tree Of Life’
    Your virtual team’s sense of connection, shared values, and purpose
  • Module 8: The Environment
    How to set your virtual team up for success
  • Module 9: Ready, Steady, Go!
  • Module 10: Course Reflection and Resources

Is this course for you?
If you are a leader looking for an authentic approach to managing your virtual team, this course is for you.

There are no formal prerequisites for this course.


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