Virtual Storytelling: Our Heroic Journey

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In this half day journey we produce a video story together that explains your organisation’s heroic story. Using the famous ‘Heroes Journey’ method, your team creates a story that celebrates the past, identifies your heroic strengths and builds momentum for a visionary future. You emerge from the session with  a video story that you can share with your wider stakeholders.

Note: Price is per participant, with a minimum of 10 participants.

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Storytelling is a proven powerful means of sharing experiences, implanting culture and aligning vision. By understanding the importance of the Hero’s Journey, as an archetypal story, the power of stories in our lives and in our organisations is unlocked. The happiness of our customers ultimately determines our sustainable success. In storytelling we begin with an understanding of why stories are so powerful to us. We then work toward the heart of our customers and stakeholders to understand our story and why we create value. We emerge with a deeper understanding of what we have to offer.

Plotting the journey:

  • Session 1: Learn how we can understand and share our vision through stories
  • Session 2: Become more articulate in telling your story
  • Session 3: Gain greater empathy for clients by appreciating their stories
  • Session 4: Become more confident in our interactions
  • Session 5: Find new excitement in sharing from the heart

Journey Outcomes:

  • Visioning: Refresh organisational vision through storytelling
  • Clarity: Clarify the messages we want to share
  • Value: Place our value to our clients at the heart of our vision
  • Engage: Build confidence in how we engage with stakeholders
  • Share: Tell our story with enthusiasm and joy

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Real World (unavailable), Virtual

Session Length

Full Day, Half Day


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