Planning to Deliver the 2030 Agenda

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This five session series of workshops is now adapted to the virtual world. Leverage this product to refresh your sustainability and transformation strategy. The 2030 Agenda and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals are an opportunity to bring energy, purpose and positive transformational impact into your business. This journey is a whirlwind that will breathe life into your ‘compliance’ and B-BBEE agenda.

Note: Price is per participant, with a minimum of 10 participants.

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Empanda has worked closely with the United Nations Global Compact at a global level and locally in South Africa. In this unique journey we share what we have learned from some of South Africa’s leading corporates, as well as our understanding of the Global Goals. This light and fast experience rapidly prioritises the goals for your business, identifying opportunities for sustainability that compound positive impact and align to the values of your stakeholders. Drive creativity, strategy and leadership direction into your business sustainability agenda and plan for a better South Africa, and a better world.

Plotting the journey:

  • Session 1: Arrivals and connection with the power of kindness
  • Session 2: The SDG Sprint: across values, operations and your core offering
  • Session 3: The Butterfl y Effect: creating your ecosystem of impact
  • Session 4: Stakeholders Decide: role play to align to hearts and minds
  • Session 5: Prepare for the pathway to 2030 and own future action

Journey Outcomes:

  • Strategise: Emerge with a sustainability strategy that aligns your business to delivery of the 2030 Agenda
  • Understand: Understand how your strategy aligns to options for delivery of your B-BBEE agenda, and a better South Africa
  • Alignment: Create alignment between transformational action, stakeholder values and your core business offering
  • Connect: Connect to a growing network of corporate collaborators and emerging SDG Acceleration tool kit
  • Accelerate: Accelerate your story for positive impact, with a focus on activism, rather than analysis

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