The 5-Minute Brain-Body-Mental Daily Kickstart

R4,950.00 Inc. Vat

This online exercise programme boosts confidence, wellbeing, and interaction, and is designed for virtual workers. The Brain-Body-Mental Daily Kickstart is a biokinetic product that helps the body defend against physical injury and decline without even knowing it. Just 5 minutes a day builds your core and helps you to build healthy habits that become an effortless and fun part of your routine.


With short, intense 5 minute daily workouts over 12 weeks you will strengthen your body and mind, getting you ready for your workday every day. You can do it as a group effort with your team and progressively build your joy for a healthy, whilst getting healthier, stronger, and more flexible with surprising speed.

This product is designed for team leaders as a daily kick off activity, however it works just as well for the individual. Each of the three months provides a new layer, where you focus on a different health aspect to a balanced foundation for your brain, body and your mental health. The daily kickstart uses modern biokinetic best practise by using a holistic set of short, regular sessions to maximise positive impact on your fitness.

Each day, Monday to Friday, you will complete a series of three exercises for 5 minutes, gradually building your core strength, muscle memory, flexibility and falling love with your new-found positive mental attitude.

By doing this Course, You Will:

  • Start your day with a motivational kick start
  • Get a daily boost of dopamine to fight depression and anxiety
  • Build team fellowship and connection
  • Gentle improve your flexibility and balance
  • Protect against risks of sedentary work, including RSI, back and joint pain
  • Build belief and confidence in you ability to move
  • Maintain a healthy weight and body tone
  • Decrease your blood pressure with light cardio exercises

Course Curriculum

  • Module 0: Welcome to Juno
  • Module 1: Let’s Onboard!
    An Introduction to The 5-Minute Brain-Body-Mental Daily Kickstart
  • Module 2: Kickstarting Our Brains!
    The Core
    Creating Habits, Teaching Your Body, Muscle Memory
    Falling in Love with Exercise, Harnessing a Positive Mental Attitude
    Noticing and Celebrating Improvement
  • Module 3: Kickstarting Our Bodies!
    Focusing on the Heart
    Working on the Lungs
    Addressing Back Conditions
    Looking after the Joints
  • Module 4: Kickstarting Our Minds!
    How We Get Energy
    Teaming Up for Fun
    Customising Our Routine
    Maintaining Our Improved Health

Is This Course for You?

If you are sitting behind a desk all day and think you have no time to exercise, then this course is for you, with daily workouts that are only 5 minutes long.

If you are distanced from the office and colleagues and in need of social interaction and fun, then this course is for you because you can work out with your team from the comfort of your home.


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