Virtue in an Evolving World

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This half day journey is designed to help you to fight corruption. Our innovative approach brings together your team to identify the biggest risks of foul play. We then consider the values that we need to motivate our people for the good. In addition to mapping key controls, we develop a playbook that inspires our organisation to be resilient in the face of temptation.

Note: Price is per participant, with a minimum of 10 participants.

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In these journeys we deepen our understanding of why operating ethically is good for us and for our business. We build our resilience against unethical practice and discuss complex scenarios and techniques for ensuring we operate for the good. We understand the value of support, checks, balances and techniques for managing challenges to our integrity. We look at evolving questions in a world of change and define our playbook for virtue in an evolving world.

Plotting the journey:

  • Session 1: Learn how to prevent corrupt practices
  • Session 2: Gain clarity on what ethical practice means in your business
  • Session 3: Establishing a culture of kindness and trust to guide business activities
  • Session 4: The importance of rebuilding your team and trust once its been broken
  • Session 5: Distill ethical virtues into a clear playbook for your team

Journey Outcomes:

  • Resilience: Understand how to build preventative resilience against corruption
  • Insight: Gain insight into how ethical practices apply to your business
  • Relationships: Improve internal relationships with kindness and trust
  • Learn: Learn how to turn a negative experience around and rebuild trust
  • Understand: Develop an understanding of how ethical virtues will impact your team

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Real World (unavailable), Virtual

Session Length

Full Day, Half Day


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